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We as human beings have been shaped by a billion years of evolution. The road to improved health, no matter what your chronic illness or pain or condition, can be best traveled by paying attention to and honoring how mother Nature designed us to live. The frequency that resonates from and through Gaia is a mere 7.83 Hz.* That’s a whole lot slower and lower than just about anything in the built environment of modern life. We have evolved to be who we are by living in harmony with the rhythms and cycles that are as old as the life on the planet. Although modern life often expects of us to live almost entirely out of touch with how we are naturally designed to live (especially in an urban setting), there are still a wide variety of adaptations we can make to move our lifestyle more in line with Nature. The ideas, advice, products and services in this web site are presented to help you do just that!

The journey for you will likely require a willingness to re-examine some of your preconceived notions of what is “normal.” That’s OK. We have found, in our own journey towards health, that few of us find truth for ourselves without some effort and sacrifice.

We will endeavor to provide you with the most cutting-edge scientific research and heart-centered ideas on this web site. We hope to keep our enthusiasm high enough to inspire you to delve into the great mysteries that surround us all. We hope to inspire you to dive deep and explore what works best for your body/mind and lifestyle. The principles of democracy, enlightenment and service to humanity drive our desire to engage with you. We are alive in a remarkable time of transformation, or, more accurately, a time of the magnificent potential for transformation. Let us walk together towards the light.

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* The Schumann Resonance – also known as the heartbeat of mother earth – is a frequency which surrounds earth and all of it’s living beings, measuring at 7.83 hz. This is also called the harmonic ‘OHM’ vibration – the sound of cosmic energy and incarnation of pure sound – as believed by the ancient Indian Rishis. Although the base frequency is 7.83hz, there are other Schumann Resonances it can fluctuate to; from 7.83hz to 14hz, 20hz, 26hz, 33hz, 39hz and 40hz. These Schumann frequencies actually overlap with human brainwave frequencies, meaning the earth resonates and vibrates along with our brains.

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