My experience with LifeWave’s X39 patches

Photo by Claudine Jordan

I wanted to wait to try the X39 patch until my brother, a nutritional consultant based in Southern Oregon, had done trials with his clients who had not been responding to more conventional approaches. I decided to try it myself after he starting getting great results with nearly everyone who tried the product. That was mid-November. The initial results were very promising. Within days I noticed a very significant improvement in energy level during my very demanding work days. Not the “coffee jitters” kind of energy, but an enduring and long-lasting flow that did not diminish until I got ready to retire in the evening. I also noticed my usual winter blahs, including a tendency to wake up with a cough or sore throat in the morning had vanished. Last winter (2017-2018) I had a terrible cold that held on for literally months! Not so, this winter.

So far…PLENTY of energy and NO dip in immune function. That’s pretty impressive for something that’s so reasonably priced! An investment of less than $100 per month* is all you need.

Thank you, LifeWave for making a BIG difference in my life!

~John Jordan-Cascade

[Photo by Claudine W. Jordan]

*Cost depends on whether you purchase the patches at wholesale or retail. Signing up for wholesale requires a one-time $25 membership fee.

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